Who We Are

About Our Organization

Washington Publishers (WP), established in 1976 as Washington Book Publishers, is an informal, all-volunteer group of professionals who are involved with publishing and are in the greater DC area. Six or seven events each year provide opportunities for members to get acquainted with their colleagues, to trade ideas and information, and to listen to expert speakers. Program topics are suggested by members and have included writing and editing; design, production, and marketing; rights and new media; and the world of book, journal, and magazine publishing—both print and electronic. Generous cooperation from members allows for various meeting locations. WP’s annual Book Design & Effectiveness Competition, held in the spring, is a highlight for the DC-area book publishing community. See the various sections of this website for more information about the Competition and about WP programs.

About Our Members

WP membership comprises individuals, not organizations. Membership is open to those who work in publishing, excluding only the technical work of printing and binding, and to legal and educational professionals. Members work in virtually all of the nontechnical aspects of publishing, including editing, design and production, proofreading, translation, indexing, marketing, administration, and management. The diverse membership comes from government, educational, commercial, and association publishing.

About Our Leadership

WP programs and services are organized and executed entirely by volunteers. A core group of officers and committee chairs forms the executive committee, which oversees each year’s activities and finances. By tradition, each president serves for one year and appoints a vice president. At the awards ceremony, the outgoing president hands the ceremonial corkscrew to the serving vice president, who then becomes president. The president will appoint a new vice president. The treasurer has a 3- to 5-year tenure and is appointed by the president. Committee chairs are appointed by the president.

2016-2017 Executive Committee

Eleanor O’Connor
Cato Institute

Rachel Ledbetter
National Science Teachers Association

Katie Ingebretsen
Publications Professionals, LLC

Brandi Dunn
Cato Institute

Event Photographer
Valery Stansbury
Stansbury Creative Services

Social Media
Danny Lambert
American Society of Hematology

Eleanor O’Connor
Cato Institute

Jeff Froustet
American Society of Civil Engineers

2015-2016 President
Joe Attanasio
American Psychological Association

Complete list of past presidents